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Fine ain’t even the word 😌😫

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Foreign here 👋🏾, your CEO, my curls are juicy, skin looking fresh and flawless, lipgloss poppin and chains from my shop are the best accessory to any outfit . Just wanted to hop on and show you the face behind the magic. I know I make it look easy but if you only knew the half of it. Raising two beautiful girls in Miami and starting @itsaforeignting__ @__foreigndripcustoms__ and now It’s Foreign’s World LLC (I never get over saying that lol 😝) with my last bit of coins has proven to be the best thing I’ve ever ✅
I started this business to create identities for people like you and me . People who needed their vision to be seen, to be brought to life in the eyes of billions of people. I wanted you to feel confident and proud to just be yourself, it took me years to feel that way about myself. My mission is to help your dreams and goals come true from head to toe. You are a walking billboard for your brand and yourself overall! Shine bright in this cold world.
I am truly happy with what I do and I’m telling you now to remember my face and my name because NO ONE is going to stop me from getting to the TOP!!! When you have dreams chase them because no matter what you’re the ONLY PERSON who can make them happen ( I’m not knocking GOD OK 👌🏾) I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to .